The Business Center for Precious Metals Sales and Recovery serves as the central broker and business agent for precious metals among DOE facilities. Sites with excess inventories of precious metals, or those that need metals for special applications, use the Business Center to recycle and draw from to meet anticipated requirements.

The Center handles metals that are clean, RCRA contaminated or forms and shapes which have been declassified or demilled and sanitized, and brokering is done at no cost to the facility. By reusing these precious metals, we not only reduce the amount of metals that have to be purchased on the open market, but we also reduce the liability and cost associated with disposal of contaminated metals.

The Center's mission is to:
  • Recover precious metals from contaminated and non-contaminated scrap and equipment.
  • Refine metals and make it available to DOE and its prime contractors at no cost.
  • Maintain the central tracking system for DOE-owned precious metals.

The reutilization of DOE-owned precious metals will mean millions of dollars in savings to DOE, and ultimately, the American taxpayer.

Sources of recyclable precious metals include:
  • Laboratory ware (crucibles, boats, stirrers, forceps, foil sheets)
  • Scrap (turnings, shavings, thermocouples, wire, chips)
  • Sludge, wiping, rags, paste, electronic boards
  • Glass, ceramics, plastic, connectors, base metals
  • Acid solutions
  • Liquids
  • Equipment, and
  • RCRA contaminated precious metals